What is Thermography DITI?

Thermography DITI is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. It is the best method available for the early detection of musculo-skeletal and neurological injuries.

Don’t Let Your Horse Go Untreated

Injuries are inevitable for horses, but they can lead to more serious problems down the road if they are left untreated. Minor injuries are difficult to detect. Your horse may look completely healthy on the outside. However, with Thermography, you can view your entire horse at one time, allowing you to truly assess your horse’s body, where you can see all of your horses injuries, areas that are under stress and referred pain syndromes. Thermography allows you to see problem areas so you can determine a proper course of action to prevent them from becoming for serious.


Assess Your Horse’s Progress

Thermography not only helps with prevention, but it can also tell you how your horse is responding to treatment. You can view problem areas and can confirm that they are healing properly. Taking the proper course of action to keep your horse healthy can prevent long term damage, extending the productive life of your horse.


Invaluable Information

Thermography provides unique insight into how your horse is responding to treatment, the effects of an injury on the rest of its body, and how your horse is affected by disease or prescribed treatment. This is information that is difficult to determine with any other method. Being able to see the whole picture with Thermography allows you to solve larger problems and prevent long term damage before it starts.